Our Authentic South African Menu

Always handmade, whether it be our gourmet South African burgers, boerewors, boeries, steak, lamb or chicken, we guarantee our meat and poultry to be freshly cooked to order, on the Braai. We trust you will enjoy eating from our menu as much as we loved prepping and cooking it for you!

South African Sides

A festival of South African flavours. To protect our brand, we do not give out our recipes or spice names. We can tell you that our recipes are authentic South African, and they all have been created with love by Shamiema.

South African Salads

Made to order, our philosophy for our salads is simple. Select fresh, hearty, high-quality ingredients to create delicious, healthy, energizing salads.

South African Kids Menu

We make meals your kids would actually eat — and, come back asking for more!

*The images below may have burger side options added at the time of purchase.

South African Wings on the Braai

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing a South African-style chicken wing can’t fix.

South African Plan Burger

Handmade Gourmet Burgers (6 oz). Make any burg’er a veggie burg’er (add $1). Or, make it a combo (chips + drink) $5 (specialty drinks extra). 

*The images below may have burger side options added at the time of purchase.

South African Plan Boerewors

Handmade all-beef boerewors with Shamiema’s very own, South African recipe. Make it a combo (Chips + Drink) $5 (specialty drinks extra). 

South African Plan Braai

Handmade with Shamiema’s from back home, South African recipe. All Braai Plates and Platters include dinner rolls.

*Images below may have additional sides included at the time of check out.

South African Desserts

South Africans love sweet things including puddings and fried dough and bread.

South African Drinks

Quench your thirst, South African Style. The perfect complement to your meal. Ask if we have Stoney Ginger Beer, Sparletta Creme Soda or Appletiser in stock. 

Dine-in open. Due to the volume of orders, we do NOT take orders through this website. This website is for information only. Our meat and poultry are Halal.

Call ahead for pickup orders: 416-231-4444

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